The Milk thistle plant is so beautiful that it is worth growing even if you are not really interested in its health gifts. If you have ever wondered how to grow Milk Thistle, then this article is for you.

The Milk Thistle Blossom
The thistle plant decorates its surroundings with purple blooms and has beautiful green leaves with milky white veins.
It attracts bees, finches and butterflies of the painted lady type so that beyond its beauty it also enriches its environment with everything good. Here is How to grow Milk thistle.

How do you get seeds?

The thistle seeds can be purchased in health food stores, but the quality of the seeds for planting from these stores is unknown. I prefer to collect the seeds in nature and on the way to earn a trip among the wild flowers 🙂

How to plant?

Location: The thistle plant likes sunny/semi-sun conditions so it is advisable to choose the right place for it before planting.
Neighbors: the thistle is a domineering plant. It is highly recommended to plant it separately without other plants next to it.
Planting: instead of planting, make holes 0.5 cm deep at a distance of 10 cm from each other, place 2-3 seeds in each hole and cover with soil.
Soil type: The thistle gets along with all soil types.
Germination time: between 10-20 days

How to Maintain?

Watering: water the seeds once a day until the plant is established. Once established, it does not require regular watering and is even resistant to drought conditions.
After germination: thin out the young plants, remove the small and weak ones and leave the strong ones.

harvest time?

You can start enjoying the thistle from the moment it reaches maturity. In its fresh state, you can enjoy the leaves and its title, and after it has dried, you can trim it for use in infusion and collect its seeds for a variety of uses. You can learn more about thistle in the following article detailing what is good about common thistle?

***Delicious recipes containing milk thistle***
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